About the Campaign

June 26th, 2012

Poor hygiene, chemicals, pollution, poor nutrition and food additives can lead to serious health problems in small children. Their immune system is still immature and it is harder for their bodies to fight bacteria and viruses. Our everyday live is full of stress and pollution. But as parents who want the best for our children, need to make better efforts in providing more natural and earth-friendly child care.

There are 4, 4 million children under 5 years of age in the UK (ONS, 2008), the majority of whom attend full-time daycare. This means that nurseries’ environment play crucial role for children’s health. Making nurseries more eco-friendly and encouraging them to reduce chemicals in their premises will promote better baby and children’s health, reducing the infections and straightening their immunity. And this will be great for the environment, too!

Whilst it is difficult to quantify how the environmental factors impact level of disease amongst children, it is well established that the environment can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing, particularly amongst babies and young children. Given the influence of the environment on many aspects of child health, there is a real opportunity to improve children’s health by ensuring that they live in a clean and healthy environment which nurtures good health and wellbeing.

Key Campaign Areas

- Provide better food and nutrition at nurseries

- Reduce chemicals in the daycare premises

- Improve hygiene in daycare premises

- Encourage children to stay active

- Help nurseries become more eco-friendly